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FCF Inc. is leading the way towards the mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies. Creating innovative and intuitive solutions for real-world problems with enthusiasm and integrity.

About Us

Founded by entrepreneirs and crypto enthusiasts, FCF Inc. is a software company registered in Quebec, Canada. 


Our Flagship product. The world’s best cryptocurrency payment gateway + payments hub system.

Bespoke Solutions

If our prebuilt solutions don’t meet your requirements, we’ll build it for you.

Blockchain Payment Protocol

A multilateral initiative, working with the world’s leading organisations in payments and blockchain.

Prepaid Debit Cards

The simplest way to offer prepaid debit cards, funded with cryptocurrencies.

Donation Widget

The simplest, most practical way to accept donations in cryptocurrencies.

 Our Mission & Vision

Simplify the Complex, Connect the Past and the Future.

We believe in the power of technology to reshape our future, but we understand that it does nothing without cooperation between human beings. Our vision is of a world in which finance and bureaucracy are streamlined by blockchain technology. Our mission is to bring the cryptosphere and the incumbent systems together.



Blockchain technology gave birth to cryptocurrencies, designed to store and transfer value securely and efficiently. We believe the world is on the cusp of embracing this vision, moving beyond the speculative crypto market and embracing cryptocurrencies as digital cash.

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