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Our MissionBackground & Roadmap

Our Mission & Vision

“Making Crypto Payments Easy”

The simple, direct slogan of our flagship blockchain payment hub software FCF Pay is also a good summary of our overall mission.

To simplify and streamline cryptocurrency payments, which is generally seen as complex, requires clarity of vision, determination and a willingness to collaborate with many partners.

Our unique approach allows us to collaborate with merchants, PSPs, on and off-ramping companies… there are practically no limits.

Mainstream adoption of blockchain payments will not be brought about by any one company alone. It requires teamwork.  

Why Blockchain Payments?

Periodically, technologies appear that revolutionise human societies, allowing them to take another step forwards; steam power, computers, the internet… 

We believe that blockchain is another of these technologies. It effectively allows us to use digital assets in the same way as we use physical cash, for example.

By expanding the usage of cryptocurrency payments, and other blockchain technologies, 






FCF Inc. is registered in Quebec, Canada.

 The company was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts for the sole purpose of fulfilling the mission to make blockchain-based payments simple and accessible.

In order to do this, we analysed the challenges ahead and created a clear roadmap both for our technical development and our commercial strategy which focuses strongly on partnership building.


Starting point

We begin our journey in 2021. Crypto is a somewhat “niche” or “exotic” payment method. However, consumer trends reports, news around crypto adoption, CBDCs, etc. and pure common sense all indicate that mainstream adoption is inevitable. 

First step

The first key insight is the large gap between the number of people wanting to spend cryptocurrencies and the number of merchants that accept them. There is a clear need for a better way for merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Having analysed the competition and identifying key deficiencies and needs in the market, we begin development of FCF Pay.

FCF Pay Launch

February 2022 sees the launch of our V1 payment software.

Award Winning

Only weeks after launching FCF Pay, FCF Inc. attended the Dubai Crypto Expo 2022 where our COO was a keynote speaker and we were awarded “Most Innovative Project 2022”.

Coinify – 1st Partnership of Many

In April 2022, we announced our partnership with Coinify. This integration brought the first fiat <> crypto functionalities to FCF Pay. Since April we have also partnered with Banxa, Rango Exchange, Enigma Securities and more as part of our ongoing strategy to build the world’s most practical crypto payments hub.

White Label

One of the most popular requests since the launch of FCF Pay was to provide a white label option. This was launched in September 2022 and has been received with great enthusiasm.

Future Development

FCF Inc. is working tirelessly through our development roadmap, with constant upgrades, additions and partnerships. For example:

  •  Multiple on and off-ramping partnerships already signed and awaiting integration.
  • Expansion of our crypto card issuance program to include physical and refillable cards.
  • Customisable white label card issuance programs.
  • Closed-loop B2B, P2P and C2B payments.
  • Personal accounts
  • iOS and Android app including hybrid managed and self-hosted app, card integrations and more.

We are also developing custom payment flows for several customers and have the development capacity for aditional projects. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project.

“Cryptocurrencies are digital cash. FCF Inc. will make them as easy to use as traditional fiat money.”

– John Nasr  2022

Who We Are

Our Team

Management, software developers, project managers, sales, support, graphic design, community management, marketing… The FCF Family is expanding practically on a daily basis and we expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.  


John Nasr

John Nasr


Successful entrepreneur and early adopter of cryptocurrencies, John is the founder of the FCF project and a true believer in the power of blockchain to change the world.

Joe Parkin

Joe Parkin


Joe has been an entrepreneur practically his whole adult life and boasts a broad range of skills. One of his favourite things to do is find solutions to complex problems with creativity and tenacity.