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FCF PSP NetworkBlockchain Payment Protocol

accept crypto payments, gain customers


As FCF Inc. has expanded its network of white label partnerships, we came to realise that we can offer additional advantages other than simply providing the software to, you guessed it, make crypto payments easy

We are also contacted on a daily basis by merchants that are looking to accept cryptocurrency payments, but that are currently working with a PSP, POS terminal operator or payment gateway that doesn’t offer crypto payments or that is using a system that they don’t like.

It stands to reason, therefore, that the creation of a network of FCF Pay or “FCF Pay Compatible” (which for now means white label tenants of FCF Pay) partners to whom we can refer these merchants.  

How can I join?

Very simply, you can become part of our PSP Network by offering crypto payments through FCF Pay.

We offer special conditions to PSP Network members, including greatly reduced set up fees, transaction fees and monthly minimum fees.


“We aim to put the CURRENCY back into CRYPTO. But we can’t do it alone. We are working with the world’s most well-known payment and blockchain companies to make mainstream adoption of blockchain payments a reality.”

– Joe Parkin  2022

leading the way, together.


Cooperation at this stage of the nascent blockchain payment industry will allow all of us to provide a far better, safer and more stable ecosystem, ultimately making our processes more efficient and improving lives.

For this reason, we – and a multitude of influential partners and acquaintances in the payments and blockchain spaces – are moving forward with a series of discussions aimed at establishing practical technological solutions and standardised best-practices.

The main issues that we propose as a starting point are:


  • Defining a system that will allow multiple closed-loop payment operators to facilitate instant payments regardless of which operator holds the assets.
  • Establishing a settlement protocol across different operators.
    Mitigation of concerns surrounding proof of ownership, proof of reserve and volatility.
  • How we, as a unified payments industry, can help to ease the concerns of regulators with regards to cryptocurrencies.

How can my company join?

The first discussions will be taking place in January 2023. 

Participation is strictly by invitation and/or reference from an existing participant.

If you have not already received an invitation, please fill in the form on the link below and we will be in touch.